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Dog friendly city

Fortunately, Liepaja is an animal-friendly city. You can confidently take your pet to the beach, except in the main area. During the winter, even on the main beach, no one will punish you. Just follow the rules of hygiene and always have bags with you.
During the summer, don’t forget to protect your pet from the direct sun on the beach on a hot day and never leave the pet in the car.

You can walk to the sea with animals directly from the villa on a street parallel to the canal. From the central beach (where there is a park with a monument to sailors), the whole area to the right is animal friendly. However, if there are a lot of people, we advise to hold your dog on leash. Unless your pet is well educated and will not cause inconvenience to other vacationers and will not scare anyone. After all, there are people who are afraid even of small dogs, so let’s respect each other and be responsible.
With our dogs we drive further, to Karosta. There are wild beaches where you will not meet any people, or just animals lovers too. In this case, make sure other animals are willing to make friends before you let your dog off the leash. In Karosta, your four-legged will definitely spill out and swim as much as he wants. Be careful of big waves, animals also can have disasters. And don’t forget the bags!
For safety and environmental reasons, do not try to drive with your car as close to the wild beaches as possible. The sand is extremely deceptive and you may need to call a tractor to pull your car out.

For Villa Ventus rules for pet owners, read here.



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